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Blue Ice - Alex Bernasconi

Blue Ice - Alex Bernasconi

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Blue Ice is the new book from award-winning photographer Alex Bernasconi, who is known for his unique approach to wildlife photography. Bernasconi’s breathtaking panoramas reveal how the extreme climate and challenging conditions have shaped the spectacular Antarctic landscape and given birth to the surprisingly diverse and highly adaptable species native to the deceptively barren continent.

The foreword, written by British glaciologist Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, explains the dynamic geography of the continent and it’s many ice masses, and also explores the increasing effects of climate change on Antarctica and it’s inhabitants. Dr. Peter Clarkson’s introduction draws on his personal experiences as a member of the British Antarctic Survey and recounts the history of the discovery of Antarctica and the challenges of working and living in the harshest of environments.

Blue Ice provides a remarkable record of an eco-system at risk and reveals the extraordinary, unexpected beauty of the Antarctic, the most remote and endangered place on Earth.

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