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Cokin Z-Series Circular Polariser Z164

Cokin Z-Series Circular Polariser Z164

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Particularly designed for cameras with a polarising half mirror (split beam metering) and Digital cameras. This Cokin polarising filter increases the colour saturation of blue skies and removes the unwanted reflections. Use an angle of 45° from the subject and turn the filter in the holder to adjust the polarising effect. All Z-Pro filters are manufactured from high quality CR39 organic glass and fit the Cokin Z-PRO holder system.Click here for more information on the Cokin Polarising filters

The Cokin Z Filters

Aimed at the professional and enthusiast photographer, the Z-PRO series total over 80 different filters including coloured, centre spots, pastel/ diffusers to graduated and neutral density filters. The Z-PRO filters are available in two different sizes. The plain filters, i.e. coloured, centre spots and pastel/diffusers measure 100x100mm in size and the graduated filters 100x150mm. All Z-PRO filters are manufactured from high quality CR39 organic glass and fit the Cokin Z-PRO holder system.


Compatible with all 100mm filter holders, including Lee Made from CR-39 organic glass

Plain filters measure 100x100mm,

Graduated filters measure 100x150mm

Filters require the Cokin BZ100 Z-PRO Series Filter Holder and adapter ring - the size of adapter ring depends on the lens being used (not included)

Compatibility For Cokin Z Series

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