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Cokin 62mm Nuances Variable Neutral Density - NDX2-400 (1-8 Stops)

Cokin 62mm Nuances Variable Neutral Density - NDX2-400 (1-8 Stops)

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Nuances Variable ND2-400 filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera by between 1 and 8 stops, allowing the use of longer shutter speeds or reducing depth-of-field. 
They are made from high-resolution mineral glass and use innovative technology: A new coating process ensures a totally uniform density, with a nano metallic alloy applied on both sides of highly resistant, tempered Schott Glass B270 (renowned for its high transmittance and low reflection). the result is a stunning neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution. 
Please check size before purchase, your lens' filter size is usually on the lens cap, box, instructions and internet. 
Compatibility 62mm

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