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Tamron 35mm F1.4 SP Di USD (Model: F045) - Nikon Fit

Tamron 35mm F1.4 SP Di USD (Model: F045) - Nikon Fit

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The Tamron 35mm f1.4 SP Di USD is a fast prime lens for Nikon's full frame DSLRs. Featuring unprecedented image quality, the lens features a wide aperture of f1.4, for beautiful bokeh and increased low-light capability, making the lens incredibly versatile. While some wide aperture lenses sacrifice edge-to-edge image sharpness, this lens retains pristine optical performance across the full aperture range.

Fantastic edge-to-edge sharpness

Constructed the Tamron's highest ever standards, the lens features a generous arrangement of special glass materials including four LD (Low Dispersion) and three GM (Glass Moulded Aspherical) lens elements. Not only does this successfully reduce artefacts and chromatic aberration, it also retains sharpness across the entire frame - even while wide open.

Exceptional AF performance

The 35mm f1.4 SP Di USD lens features Tamron’s proprietary USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive). This provides a fast and accurate results while retaining silent operation - all in a small and compact form factor. Users are still able to access the full-time manual focus override so fine adjustments can be made on the fly.

Vastly improved highly durable Fluorine Coating

The front surface of the lens element is coated with a Fluorine Coating based on a newly developed fluorine compound with high water- and oil-repellent properties. The lens surface is easier to wipe clean and is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of dirt, dust, moisture, and fingerprints, and enabling your important lenses to be continually protected on a long-term basis.

Compatible with TAMRON TAP-in Console (an optional accessory)

The Model F045 is compatible with the TAMRON TAP-in Console, an optional accessory product that provides a USB connection to a personal computer, enabling users to easily update a lens’s firmware as well as customise features including fine adjustments to the AF.


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